Providenzia capital group

Global Perspective,
Individual Needs

Providenzia Capital Group (Suisse) S.A. provides wealthy families with a professional and personalized service for the management of every aspect of their estate. Our services have always been developed in response to client needs because we believe we can learn more from listening to clients than imitating competitors. Today, the collective wisdom of our relationships continues to define our approach and our beliefs.

Wealth Management

Discretionary portfolio management

Our objective is to protect and increase the wealth of our clients by achieving superior returns while keeping investment risks to an agreed level. Providenzia Capital Group works with a clearly articulated investment philosophy, which revolves around the following key points Capital preservation, Diversification by asset class, geography and fund, Tactical asset allocation based on our analysis of economic cycles, valuations and market sentiment, Open architecture research platform.

Investment Consultancy

Providenzia Capital Group’s core services include Strategic advice, investment manager review, Investment manager/fund selection, General investment consultancy and implemented consultancy.

Family Office Services

However you wish to work with us, you will always have a principal point of contact. This makes your relationship with us simple and straightforward, and ensures that the management of individual aspects of your family’s finances is always considered in the context of your broader arrangements. We routinely work closely with your family’s other trusted advisers. Where necessary, we procure and coordinate specialist advice on behalf of clients, either from our internal experts or from our wide network of professional contacts around the globe.

Wealth Management

  • Management of listed (portfolio management) and unlisted equity investments
  • Counselling in the event of family-own company transfers, or strategic merger and acquisitions
  • Reporting and consolidation of family assets, including real estate and direct shareholdings (Private Equity)
  • Banking services, credit and financing

Legal Management

  • Providenzia Capital Group will manage family patrimonial structures holding personal and real property (fixed and liquid assets) through trusts, holding companies, etc.
  • Providenzia Capital Group will tax - optimize your family assets, undertaking research and coordinating services provided by such other specialists and professionals such as lawyers, financial experts or notaries.

Private Management

Providenzia Capital Group will manage the daily private needs of members of your family, including: payments, insurance, tax declarations, aircraft, yachts and sailboats, art collections and other personal property.

Private Investments

Some of our clients wish to be exposed to direct private equity and property investment opportunities. Providenzia Capital Group (Suisse) S.A. has a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals able to assist them in these areas either alone or by pulling together a group of like-minded co-investors. We have a powerful extended network to help us in sourcing and building the businesses we invest in.